Image Consultancy & Ideas Generation Service


Welcome to our Image Consultancy Service where we can advise on the best way

to Shoot your Images and how to get better coverage in the media.

If you want to promote your business but need Ideas for better

Pictures, Words, or Graphic Design,

& obtain greater exposure in the Media, then please send us an

E - mail

In the E-mail provide as much information as possible about the opportunity especially:

-Industry Sector-

-Brand, Corporate, Financial, Cause-related-

-Strategic or Opportunistic-



-Availability of Props, People, Celebrities, or Senior Executives-

-Possible Story Hooks or Angles-

-Target Audiences-

-Target Media-

-Possible Budgets-

Please include Your Company & Contact Details.

We will respond with some outline ideas within 24-48 hrs of receipt.

This service is free of charge to new customers - all we ask is that if you like the ideas,

you give Paul France Photography Ltd the first opportunity to tender for the assignments.

If you would like to discuss this further, please call Paul on 07881-757074 or 07860-439031.



All the National Newspapers receive around 5-8000 pictures a day

(PR- Press Freelances-Press Agencies-Public etc ..Not counting Staff or Contract Assignments)

of which less than 1 in a Thousand make it onto the page. (approx : 500,000 per week)


I,ve had 4-5 pictures in Different National Papers on 1 day & 17+ more Regional Papers,

for the same Client Story in the same week.

Client Try-Galliford


I,ve had Page 3 Business Section of The Sunday Times followed on Monday by other Nationals ie;

Page 1 Business of The Daily Telegraph, & The Times, & The Birm Post, & others for the same Story.

Client One View . Net


I,ve had coverage in Target Media from more than 75% of the Pr Shoots i,ve done for Clients in last 17 yrs.


Press Photo Calls and Press Conferences for soft news are a waste of money, time, and effort.


In one week i,ve had The same Picture in The Times and The Guardian on the Tuesday,

For Client ROCHE - T20 HIV Drug Launch-USA

then x3 Pictures in The Daily Star on the Sat, & an Exclusive 1/2 page picture in

The Sun on the next Tuesday for Client Max Power Magazine

A Mix of Corporate News Pics and Glamour Pics in the same week.


Its better to employ me and spend time getting the right images and delivering them in the right way,

than it is to invite the press to a photo call.

Every time i,ve been involved (with No photo call) we,re Got the Coverage. Photo calls get Non or a lot less.

Character Group Page 1 Times Business Section


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