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Meet the Team at the Following Wedding Fayres in 2006 & 2007

Sep 2005 @ Westmead Court Hotel Alvechurch


Jan 2006 @ Abbey Park Golf Club


March 2006 @ Kings Court Hotel Alcester


May 14th 2006 @ Studley Village Hall, Studley, Redditch


Oct 1st 2006 @ Abbey Park Golf & Country Club, Redditch


Jan 14th 2007 @ Abbey Park Hotel & Country Club, Redditch


March 4th 2007 @ Kings Court Hotel, Alcester


3rd June 2007 @ Studley Village Hall


Our Next Wedding fayre is at


The Team

1. The Lead Photographer

Paul France, Diploma in Pro Photography 1976-79

26yrs as a Professional Photographer

His role is to:

1. Bring his considerable experience and talent to focus and capture moments
in time that will last for generations.
2. His primary role is to record specific shots requested by the Bride and Groom
that will have special significance for them and their joined families.
3. To create a selection of technically brilliant, artistic photographs for you to
make your final selection for your album or Wedding Book.
4. Capture the transient, magic and romance of the day in subtle imagery,
enigmatic display, or cheeky hilarity.

2. The Art Director

Denette France, BA Hons Graphics

It is her Job to do the following:

Organise the pre shoot briefing for all staff and visiting the Wedding venue prior to
the shoot for lighting checks such as where will the shadows be.
Keep track of the photographs required on the Bride's wish list.
Make sure that all guests are looking in the direction they should.
Keep track of Necklaces being in the correct position
The veil is not being coaxed into leaving before the Bride by an errant wind.
That group shots are properly balanced
The dress is composed around the Bride in pleasing lines.
Organizes the speciality shots.
Makes sure that the videographer and second camera unit are following their brief of
mixed shots.
Ensures that everything is done within the time constraints.

She will have on her :

1. A gas styling wand
2. A rudimentary Sewing Kit
3. A few spare pairs of tights.
4. Hair spray and grips
5. Pain killers
6. Plasters
7. A rattle
8. Handy Andy tissues
9. Lip Gloss
10. Spare equipment such as lenses and batteries

All except the pain-killers are for the use of the wedding party should an emergency arise.

3. Additional Photographer


His role is to:

1. Take some of the group shots where the Bride and Groom are separated
2. Shoot the majority of the incidental reportage style photographs
3. Enable the photographer to be in two places at once such as the Bride and the Grooms Parents, photographing the preparations.
4. Photograph details such as the Cake, flowers, table decorations any suitable wedding stationery.
5. With a large wedding his assistance is essential in order to speed up the process without being rushed.

4. Videographer


His role is to:

1. Enhance the memories of the day by adding a moving dimension to your family archive.
2. Create a professionally blended and edited mini film that would compare with most televised documentaries.
3. Capture the day from a guests point of view arresting events that the couple would have otherwise missed

4. Through the magic of the editorial suite the viewer will be able to go back in time and witness the memories of the Brides Father

of his daughter's childhood, by blending into the footage of his speech any home video shot when she was a child.

5. Interview what friends and family say about the couple.
6. Be wherever possible, inconspicuous.


Travel Expenses.

All our prices include travel within a 50 mile radius of Redditch.

We work all over the country and charge for one or two overnight stays at B&B Guest House rates where possible. If we are travelling two hundred miles and begin work at 10 or 11.00am, photographing the Bride getting ready at home with her bridesmaids and finishing at 10.00pm, we would normally come down late the day before and go back the morning after the wedding. Otherwise it is a very long 18 to 19 hour day without including travel time.

We usually charge 35p per mile per car and £55 per head per person per night. Guest House accommodation may not be available due to the time of year and late booking, therefore our accommodation costs may vary. Postponing or cancelling your Wedding will incur a fee to cover our accommodation deposit and additional admin.


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