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Sample Double Page Spread from Sally & Paul's Book 2006

1-Click here to enter gallery of pages from Sally & Paul's Book 2006

Sample double page spread from Andy & Barbara's Book 2007

2-Click here to enter gallery of pages from Andy & Barbara's Book 2007

Ask to see the Printed Finished BOOK and be Very Impressed!!

These Books are the future and will replace traditional Wedding albums.


Prices for Designer Books

Discounts of 10%-20% available for early booking and payments in advance

Please Ring for a Meeting to discuss in detail the range of products.


Large 14x10 inch with 22 - 50 Pages & A Mix of Colour - Toned - B/w Images = From £700

Largest Book 16x12 inch 22 - 60 pages Creative Layouts and mix of effects = From £900

2nd Copy of same Book = £450

3rd - 4th copies off 1st Book = £299 each

Smaller copies of same Book 7x5 in (Parents Size)= £450 each

Extra copies Parents Book £250

Mini Gift Books - 5 x 4 inchs exact copy of main book with Soft or Hardback cover (min order x6) £50 each

Calendars based on the Book's pages Universal Year or year of wedding shows 1st anniversary

1st copy FREE when ordering any of the above Books

1st -2nd -3rd - to any number of copies of same Calendar £55 - £50 - £30 each then £25 each copy after this.

Storage Box handmade in wood for 16x12 books £140

Dust Covers for any size book £40

Velvet material bags to store 14x10 & 16x12 books £60

Extra Thick and Bevelled Heavy Hardback Cover for 16x12 book extra £50

Canvas Printed Cover 16x12 book extra £80

Book Mark Ribbons x1-2 any book £ 35


Turn round production time from ordering is 3 months with

50% payable on booking and balance when proofs signed off before Printing


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